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Nasar Iqbal has 16+ years of courtroom experience in the legal profession, serving clients in efficient, skillful, and satisfactory manners. He has been practicing solely in Divorce and Family Law. He has practical experience appearing at all levels of courts in Ontario for his clients. He deals with all aspects of Divorce and Family Law including Separation and Divorce, Separation Agreements, Court Proceedings regarding Custody, Access, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Issues, and Motion to Change. He works hard to achieve fair results for his clients by fighting for clients’ rights. He is fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi Languages, He provides services to clients in all areas of GTA, Hamilton, London, and the suburbs.

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Rachel Mainguy

Nasar is excellent. He is thorough, dedicated and kind. Believe it or not, it is rare to find all three characteristics in a lawyer. What also struck me that was different about him is that he was concerned about running unnecessary spending to his client. He was upfront about what certain procedures were likely to cost and tried to steer clear of needless expenditures. I have never met a lawyer who was so meticulous about case law and the potential interpretations. I felt he worked with a certain ease that other lawyers struggled with when met with challenging situations as he was well versed in less known case law and had the confidence to use them expertly.
Nasar is prompt and has a firm understanding of court timelines-an issue that past lawyers really struggled with at times. Any materials me requested from me had reasonable timelines and guidance. I knew I wasn't near one of his larger clients, and yet he made me feel as if I was always a priority. Very honest and sincere. Usually an oxymoron where lawyers are concerned. He truly is an exception to what is out there. Highly recommend in your family law matter.

Wesley Crichlow

I recently employed Nasar to represent me on a mediation/arbitration matter. After having so many lawyers over the years who struggled to manage my case and build a respectful and non contentious relationship with opposing counsel, I entered my engagement with some trepidation.The issues were of considerable complexity and required a substantial understanding of Family Law and corporate law. Nasar went through the past documentation with the precision of a surgeon. He poured over materials and asked clarifying questions. Where the law was unclear on a particular subject, he highlighted the issue and then went to work deep diving on which cases most paralleled these situations and provided me a better useful understanding of the various ways that my issue could be interpreted by the court.
At each meeting with Nasar I was gaining a better understanding of how the legal system truly functions through his rare ability to explain these matters to the client in layman's terms. He showed unwavering integrity and heart. He is an outstanding lawyer in large part because he is an outstanding person who tries to use the law only to improve the parenting relationship between parties and use the law to ensure that each parent is bound to that focus. Needless to say, with Nasar at the helm, my case turned out much better than I could have ever expected. My gratitude to him is immeasurable. I know my children owe more than they'll ever know. I would recommend that anyone who is tired of the merry go round in the legal system and wants the best results for their family should hire Nasar.

Talha Ahmed

Mr. Iqbal is very wise, honest, knowledgeable, compassionate and smart. He understands your problem and without wasting time guides you to take the right legal path based on your situation.
He provides value for your money and responds promptly when you need his inputs. Based on these reasons I give him full 5 stars.

Mike Lawson

If you desire counsel who provides services above and beyond, you have found the right man for your needs. I retained Mr. Nassar Iqbal at the beginning of my sons and my journey towards a better life. He is prompt informative current and only has my sons best interest at heart. It is my personal feeling this is more than any regular lawyer perhaps the term fine human being should be required for this man.
You will thank yourself for retaining his skill set. I know the difference in lawyers for a brief period I was represented by counsel who was only interested in his own best interest. I highly recommend you look no further than Mr Iqbal.

Andrew Dobson

I highly recommend Nasar Iqbal for your Family Law matters. Nasar is professional, courteous and responsive. He discusses your options with you in a clear and concise manner. He is diligent in his follow ups with opposing counsel, and does not waver or get side tracked. He continually looks out for your best interests.

Tim Reemeyer

I highly recommend Nasar he is very friendly and experienced with family law he made my experience with this situation very easy

Anne Masri

My feedback since working with Nasar Iqbal has been very well. He is very dedicated towards his clients and will even work nights or weekends to help ensure you get the help and support you need. Not only was he very patient with me but very helpful too and walked me through everything even when I was confused. He’s very honest with his clients and gives the best solutions he can provide.
Very highly recommended
All the best Mr. Iqbal

Anne Masri

My feedback since working with Nasar Iqbal has been very well. He is very dedicated towards his clients and will even work nights or weekends to help ensure you get the help and support you need. Not only was he very patient with me but very helpful too and walked me through everything even when I was confused. He’s very honest with his clients and gives the best solutions he can provide.
Very highly recommended
All the best Mr. Iqbal

Ryan Perry

Nasar is caring, knowledgeable, honest, understanding and above all professional. He proves
time and time again that he actually cares and is invested in his clients which, in my experience
is a rare quality for a lawyer to carry. I will continue to work with him through my separation
and feel extremely grateful to have him represent me. If you read this and are looking for honest representation, call Nasar immediately.

Nazim Charania

We have been very pleased with the professional, timely and sincere advice provided by Mr.
Nasar Iqbal. Mr. Nasar helped up navigate the child support issue we had with my wife’s ex and provided us direction which helped resolve the issue seamlessly. I would highly recommend services on Mr. Nasar to anyone who is struggling to find legal advice.

Harmit Singh

Iqbal Law is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever gotten in touch with. He handles matters very
professional and responsible. He’s takes matters as his own and puts its best effort into the
matters. Would definitely recommend him to anyone, you will be satisfied with his work.

Maryam Yavarikia

I had a pretty complicated case. Mr. Iqbal went above and beyond to find a solution that fits my situation. Very professional and responsive.

Syed Ehsan-Ul Hassan

I called the Burnthorpe branch of Iqbal Law. They gave me a 15 min consultation and were
emphasizing and understanding of my situation. Very professional and insightful.

Vincent T

Having worked closely with Nasar for an extended period of time, I could not be more grateful for his consistently prompt response and assistance in my case. Nasar is an amazing human being
with a strong work ethic. It is not an exaggeration that my life would have been ruined had I not received the professional support from Nasar.

Paul C

Nasar, Phil and the team at Millars did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and
informed throughout the process. I felt they had my best interests at heart and acted accordingly.
Thank you for your help!

Karl R

My case is still pending but I want to thank lawyer Nasar Iqbal for his attention to detail, his
immediate responses, his knowledge and his patience. He is very caring lawyer that will fight for your cause.

Mike Mxmassi

Nasar Iqbal was very knowledgeable, very helpful, and returned emails and phone calls
promptly. One could not ask for a better lawyer.

Jace Jay

I used Millars Law in the past for a civil case and we were successful and the staff was great
then. I went to Millars Law for help in my family case with a vindictive ex. I feared for my
safety and she was not really putting the children’s best interest before her own. Nassar Iqbal
represented me and I highly recommend home to anyone . He is amazing . He listens to you, he advocates for you and is very thorough and precise on his work. Very educated individual.
couldn’t have done this with out him! Thank you Nassar!

Margarita C

I had the opportunity to speak to Philip Millar and Nasar Iqbal for legal advice. I was very
pleased with their great professional advice and support. I am very thankful for this amazing law firm and I recommend it 100%.

Waqas W.

Nasar Iqbal was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only He was very
professional, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. I am eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr Nasar Iqbal without reservation.”

Lisa Stephenson

Nasar Iqbal is extremely skilled and qualified. He promptly returned my calls and answered all of my concerns in a very supportive, professional manner. Nasar is exceptional at his job and proficient.
I would highly recommend Nasar to my family, friends and clientele. This has been
one of the best business experiences working with someone so reliable. He’s a breath of fresh air.

Josh Butler

During these hard times of 2020 with covid-19 I was put into a situation that lead me needing
legal assistance with the custody of my children. I was able to get immediate help from Nasar
of the Millar law firm, and he immediately took action with my case. I was stuck looking for a
lawyer that would have the time and willingness to take on another client during one of there
busiest spikes of family matters since the start of covid-19. I would recommend nasar and the
Millar firm as the experience and the true caring they have for there clients was “a load off
my shoulders” and I had the peace of mind knowing I’m being taken care of.

Emmanuel Ogundepo

Nasar Iqbal was an invaluable resource. He was easy to talk to, paid attention to detail and
answered all questions. I would highly recommend

Chris Gielen

Phill Millar and his family lawyer Nasar, have been my rock through these hard times.......
And there the one firm I have seen not to waste my money or time and stuck on track though it all... I can’t thank and recommend this firm enuf !

Vincent T

Nasar is a very honest family law lawyer who does not push his clients into expensive battles
that they are likely to lose. Instead of charging like the Light Brigade, his patient and tactical
manoeuvre helps his clients gain more than they originally expected. After all, patience is the
greatest virtue. More importantly, he reminds me that there are equally important things out
there in life as my divorce case. I am able to take back control of my life with his dedicated
assistance during this long battle. During the family turmoil, especially in a high conflict
divorce, nothing is more important than having a sensible mind you can count on.

Amanda C

Mr. Iqbal is assisting my mother in a legal matter and we have the utmost confidence in his
ability. He was also very kind and empathetic to her situation.

Hassan Mustafa

Wonderful customer service. Great team of lawyers and especially nasar iqbal. Got the chance to avail his services. keep it up.

Justin Bialy

Nasar is a phenomenal lawyer and really understood what I wanted to achieve within my divorce and with custody of my children. He was very professional and responsive. He really listened and gave me the advice and assistance I needed to win my case in court. I would recommend Nasar to anyone who is looking for an intelligent and reliable lawyer who fight for what you want and win

Abu Sayem

Nasar Iqbal is an honest, sincere and skilled counsel. He is always available to patiently address your legal issues and will help you with the best possible options. I highly recommend Nasar. He helped me going beyond and above. Thanks Nasar for all your sincere help.

Inam rao

Nasar Iqbal was very knowledgeable, very helpful, and returned emails and phone calls
promptly. One could not ask for a better lawyer.

Faisal Wattoo

Nisar Iqbal is a highly professional & skilled barrister who has an immense amount of
experience. He dealt with my case with a professional manner. I highly recommend him.

Najmo A

Provided an excellent service, and was very professional.

Maryam Hayat

Glad I found this lawyer. We did a meet and greet to see if we could work together in my legal battle. We talked about my case and our expectations of each other. Nasir Iqbal was very professional. Very good experience!


Good customer service. Very professional service offered. I would Recommend the law firm.

Fifa Play

I really recommend Nasar iqbal. He helped me so much with my case and kept me updated
throughout the process until everything was taken care of.


It was wonderful experience working with barrister nasar iqbal. He thoroughly listened to my
concerns and handled my case in a very professional manner. He provided good customer
service. Never in the process i felt like pressurized or he was trying to make money out of me.
Gave me an good honest suggestions based on my case. I would definitely recommend his
services. Keep up the good work.


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